The Accu-Volume System puts the “Precision” in spraying by accurately measuring and displaying a “live, real time” amount of every gallon of solution within the sprayer’s tank(s).


With Digital Displays being mounted, one inside the cab and another at the load station. This will give the operator a live display while filling and spraying product out of the sprayers tank(s) down to the last gallon.


The Accu-Volume System alleviates all the challenges for operators while loading the solution tank and in the field spraying product. This allows you to confidently fill the machine to the desired amount of solution and Spray out exactly the amount of solution that you intended. So you will never run short of product.


Some problems when spraying


  • How much solution do I have mixed in the solution tank?
  • Do I have enough product so I won’t run short?
  • Do I have enough solution to make another round without running out?
  • Will I have enough solution to make that last pass?
  • I’ve finished the field, how much do I have left in my tank?
  • How can I batch 25 gallons? Or 30 or 10?
  • I forgot how much I loaded or I forgot to enter an amount into my rate controller


The Accu-Volume System was designed to “Never Guess Again” how much product is in your sprayers tank(s).


  • Lessen the chance of having too much extra solution
  • Fill the machine faster and safer
  • Do a better job of adding chemical and rinsing jugs
  • Spray more acres each day
  • Displays every gallon down to the last gallon
  • The ability to plan on shutting off the solution pump, so you don't suck air into the plumbing
  • Get more rinses from your fresh water tank by accurately pulling over enough water to rinse the boom
  • The ability to load small amounts like 10, 25, 45 gallons accurately